About Us

About us

Studio1 Photography Philippines is one the most after-sought wedding supplier in the country today. We have been in the industry for almost a decade now, having a vast amount of experience in the wedding photography  with more than 700 Weddings and Debut each year.  

Studio1 Photography Philippines was founded by a Photographer who is at the same time a Brand Manager/Consultant way back in 2007. He is currently affiliated as an International Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). In 2009, he was later joined by his wife who has been working in the production department of a leading TV network station. Not only lifetime partners, but the two gelled together to form what is Studio1 Photography Philippines today. 
Studio1 Photography Philippines is a professional organization registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Republic of the Philippines. Distinct to most photography suppliers which are family oriented, Studio1 Photography Philippines operates as a business corporation allowing us to elevate our hobby and passion for photography to professional business level. 
We consider ourselves as a game-changer in the wedding photography industry. Since our entry in the industry, we have brought quality wedding photography to more and more clients by our cost-effective and affordable packages. Unlike in the recent years where only the elite can afford to have quality photography, Studio1 Photography Philippines has introduced affordable wedding packages with quality that are at par with premium priced wedding photographers. This allowed us to fulfill one of the company’s vision: "To become the top of the mind wedding photography supplier that provides affordability with an uncompromised quality service to our customers."

We have been recognized and awarded as “The Most After-Sought Wedding Supplier” by various wedding fair organizers. We also continue to post positive growth in the last 4 years strengthening the company more each year. This proves that Studio1 Photography Philippines has gained respect and trust from customers, again fulfilling our vision to become “Top of the mind wedding photography supplier”.
The company is segmented  into different  departments - Sales &  Marketing,  Pre-production,  Post-Production, Field Operations, Accounting and Human Resources.  This  segmentation allows us to  operate and manage our operations on a large scale . We can accommodate  twelve (12) weddings per day,  each team with  designated and exclusive professional crew  members.  At Studio1, we guarantee that ALL  field crew members (photographers and  videographers)  are professionals  to ensure the highest level of quality service. 

Finally, Studio1 Photography Philippines is a God-fearing company. Our business is being operated on the basis of Godly principles and that all transactions are being dealt with honesty that is pleasing to the eyes of our Almighty God and Father. 

Mission  Statement

We believe our services should exceed industry standards and provide the best value for our customers.

We would aim for customer focus, listening and understanding both wants and needs of our customers.

We would be a key driver in improving the lives of our employees by providing them industry essential benefits and compensation.

We would continue to manage the company in the way God has instituted us to operate a company that is pleasing to the eyes of our God.

Finally, we would always bring back all the glory to God, praising him in every success and failures we may face, always entrusting this company unto his mighty hands and according to His Holy will.

Vision Statement

To become the top of the mind wedding photography supplier that provides affordability with uncompromised quality service to our customers.

To become an ideal wedding photography company attracting good and hardworking people to work for us.

We want to be recognized as a God-fearing company.

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